Palace of Destruction

by wfgodbold

Finals week is come, and most of my nonsense is confined to twitter (for the time being).

Don’t be surprised if I tend to post more OST selections this week, since I’m listening to a lot of music while studying (and not being distracted by the internet, I swear).

And because instrumental music seems better for studying than vocal music, I’ve delved once more into my Falcom game soundtrack trove.

Today’s track: Palace of Destruction, which plays (I think?) in the first shrine/temple Adol explores in the first game.

The Ys I & II Chronicles arrangement is excellent, but SSH‘s* might be even better:

*SSH, for Saitama Saishuu Heiki (埼玉最終兵器), the ultimate weapon of Saitama, a doujin music group..

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