News flash: Xbox live avatars with guns can’t actually hurt you

by wfgodbold

In his response to the thread about the news that a couple of avatar items will no longer be available for sale on Xbox Live, poster jim-jam bongs says:

Just to explain this for Americans who are so accustomed to a culture which celebrates violence and condemns sexuality that they can’t see the issue here; outside the US people in the first-world generally don’t carry weapons around with them, so we don’t really feel comfortable with things which glorify violence. When it’s in the context of a narrative (i.e. in a game) it’s justifiable, but equipping your avatar with a firearm is a tacit approval of the idea that it’s cool to bear arms (hint: it’s not really).


It’s an avatar. It’s not real. The gun your avatar is holding is no more real than the gun your character in the game uses to kill aliens/Nazis/terrorists/hookers.

Pictures/computer models/models/whatever of guns don’t glorify violence any more than knives or baseball bats or golf clubs “glorify” stabbing or beating, or baseball or golf. They just are.

Carrying firearms is normal in forty-nine states. Just because you get the vapors when you see a CG person holding a CG fake gun is no reason to assume that you are correct. Acting all high and mighty from outside the US, sneering down your nose at the people you think “glorify” violence, is just ridiculous.

I, for one, am happy to live in a society where the strong and young don’t have free reign over the weak and old.

That said, it’s apparently against Microsoft’s policy to allow avatars to have guns in the first place. That’s their prerogative, since it’s their service, and they set the rules.


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