Evil exists.

by wfgodbold

And it’s set up shop in China (Read the whole thing. I mean it.):

Thirty-six scheduled executions would translate into 72 kidneys and corneas divided among the regional hospitals. Every van contained surgeons who could work fast: 15-30 minutes to extract. Drive back to the hospital. Transplant within six hours. Nothing fancy or experimental; execution would probably ruin the heart.

With the acceleration of Chinese medical expertise over the last decade, organs once considered scraps no longer went to waste. It wasn’t public knowledge exactly, but Chinese medical schools taught that many otherwise wicked criminals volunteered their organs as a final penance.

Political prisoners, dissidents, even drug traffickers. It’s like someone high up in the party read Larry Niven’s Known Space stories 40 years ago and said, “Organlegging? Making minor crimes capital so that we can harvest fresh organs for transplant? We need to get in on the ground floor on that!”

I wonder if this is one of the “right solutions” Tom Friedman would authorize if we were China for a day

H/T: Instapundit

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