While I’m normally leery of anime-to-live-action adaptations…

by wfgodbold

The short trailer for the Rurouni Kenshin movie looks pretty sweet. (translation under the video, so scroll down if you can’t see it)

The comic that has sold more than 50 million copies is being adapted to a live-action film

In the upheaval of the Shogunate’s final days…

The people feared the strongest of assassins…

A man called Battousai* the Manslayer…

Original work: Nobuhiro Watsuki’s Rurouni Kenshin ~A Romance** in Meiji Era Tokyo~

Director: Keishi Ootomo (Ryoumaden, The Vulture)

Cast: Kenshin Himura – Takeru Satou, Kaoru Kamiya – Emi Takei, Sanosuke Sagara – Munetaka Aoki, Megumi Takani – Yuu Aoi, Aritomo Yamagata – Eiji Okuda, Jin’ei Oda – Kouji Kikkawa, Hajime Saitou – Yousuke Eguchi, Kanryuu Takeda – Teruyuki Kagawa

Opens 8-25.

*Battousai is a tough word to translate; the licensed English translations of the anime just leave it in Japanese. It essentially indicates that he is an unparalleled master of battoujutsu.

**Romance, here, is the traditional romance (historic adventure, etc.), not the bodice-ripping modern variant (besides, mid/late 19th century Japanese women didn’t wear bodices).

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