Okay, so it’s not just our education system that’s FUBAR

by wfgodbold

Our shoddy education system is supposed to ensure that high school “graduates” actually know the material that’s required for graduation.

They don’t; California state colleges only admit the top third of high school graduates, and out of the 42,000 admitted, 27,000 needed remedial work in math and/or English. And that’s the top third! Who knows how bad the rest of the class was…

Anyway, even though those kids, who clearly haven’t learned jack, have managed to get a high school diploma, that doesn’t speak to those poor souls who couldn’t even manage to graduate without learning the material (since learning the material is clearly optional, I don’t see what rationalization they could use to keep them from graduating…).

Fortunately, the EEOC is on their side!

Do you want to limit employment applications to high school graduates?

Tough shit. That could violate the ADA.

Employers could run afoul of the ADA if their requirement of a high school diploma “‘screens out’ an individual who is unable to graduate because of a learning disability that meets the ADA’s definition of ‘disability,’” the EEOC explained.

The commission’s advice, which does not carry the force of law, is raising alarms among employment-law professionals, who say it could carry far-reaching implications for businesses.

Maria Greco Danaher, a lawyer with the labor and employment law firm Ogletree Deakins, said the EEOC letter means that employers must determine whether job applicants whose learning disabilities kept them from obtaining diplomas can perform the essential job functions, with or without reasonable accommodation. She said the development is “worthy of notice” for employers.

I don’t disagree that there are learning disabilities, or that those disabilities might keep people from graduating high school.

But when learning isn’t even required to graduate high school, I don’t understand why most people who are learning disabled would have any problems. Just show up, punch your card, and collect your proof of attendance at the end of your state-mandated “education.”

We are totally screwed.


2 Comments to “Okay, so it’s not just our education system that’s FUBAR”

  1. To put it simply, politicians (and amongst that body, I include “educators”, since much of their continued employment is contingent upon their being able to play the politics of their respective locales) have been too long insulated from the concept of “Some Things Just Do Not Work”. It does not matter how fervently you think that bridge will stand up to the assaults of the train driving over it – if the physics dictate otherwise, the bridge will fall, and it will be your fault. It does not matter if your boss was just trying to meet a quota when he hired you, it does not matter if you had a rough childhood, it does not matter if you had a learning disability but really “needed” the job. People died, and it will be your fault.

    The engineer in me likes to think that such an event would cause society to reexamine their educational and hiring requirements and such… the realist in me knows the engineer is a fool.

    (“You” being used in a general sense, of course.)

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