Firaxis is my master now

by wfgodbold

The big news out of Game Informer the last week has been that Firaxis (Sid Meier‘s company) is making a true updated version of X-COM, titled X-COM: Enemy Unknown. The guy in charge is making sure they stay true to the original game, too.

I’ve mentioned X-COM before. Thanks to this decision, I’ll never have to speak of the X-COM FPS abomination again.

These new screens give me hope. (Taken from Kotaku, Siliconera, and Game Informer.) The base cross-section looks like an updated version of the base screen from the original.

And the mission itself?

It’s hex-based now, and uses polygons instead of sprites, but it’s full of soldiers taking cover and heading towards the aliens.

I don’t really play PC games that much anymore, but if this isn’t out on consoles (and maybe even if it is), I’ll have to pick it up. If I don’t defend the earth from the alien menace, who will?



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