Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – GhettoPuter

by wfgodbold

In his latest screed, ‘Puter tackles how the Catholic Church got themselves into this mess. RTWT.

2. The American Catholic Church currently reaps what it has sown post Vatican II. For far too long, Rome and the local bishoprics have allowed Catholics in place of public prominence to misportray Catholic teachings. Even worse, the Church has stood idly by as “Catholic” politicians from Kennedy to Cuomo have treated the Church’s positions on adultery and right-to-life as optional. Worst of all, ‘Puter’s Church has utterly failed to catechize the several generations raised during and immediately after Vatican II, leaving no one to act to protect and to defend the Holy Mother Church.

2a. Much of the priesthood ordained from 1970-1985 are self-loathing Catholics. They don’t like the choice they made, but see no way out. They vote against the Church’s teachings. ‘Puter’s pastor announced in a homily that he voted for pro-abortion Obama. These men are doing a grave disservice to a great institution, both religious and societal, through their sinfulness.

Now, I’m not Catholic, but I don’t see how the HHS requirements can possibly be squared with the free exercise clause of the First Amendment; there’s no way this would survive any kind of meaningful scrutiny. And given the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the so-called ministerial exception (which was essentially 9-0, affirming the right of churches and religious organizations to ignore federal law (sex/age/disability discrimination, etc.) when making hiring and firing decisions for positions whose duties are primarily religious), they’re not likely to see this much differently.

If the Catholic Church had been less inclined to bring in Big Government for dealing with social issues, they might have more allies in this matter; instead, they appear to have been hoist with their own petard.


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