If This Goes On–

by wfgodbold

Nehemiah Scudder*, is that you**?

At this point, I think i may just wash my hands of the whole shebang and pull the lever for Gary Johnson.

*The first Prophet, elected President in 2012 in Robert A. Heinlein’s Future History***. Even for RAH, that’s pretty damn eerie.

**I can’t decide if a “by their powers combined” Captain Planet reference or a Voltron/Constructicons reference is more appropriate here.

***Which seems doubly (trebly?) appropriate, given that Newt Gingrich (wannabe psychohistorian) is doing his damnedest to be The Man Who Sold the Moon. Ladies and Gents, welcome to the science fictioniest election of all time!

2 Comments to “If This Goes On–”

  1. I find that, as time goes on and I pay more attention (much to my blood pressure’s chagrin), Heinlein was a significantly more insightful soothsayer than Rand. Both were right, but she just provided the framework for the future… he gave it character, and damned if we did not live up to it.

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