Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAARGH

by wfgodbold

On an NRO post excoriating Santorum’s strong anti-libertarian bent, commenter YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAARGH has this to say:

The problem with the Republican party today is that they are the party of Boromir: they don’t want to destroy the state, they want to use it for good. They mean well–as does Mr. Santorum–but that’s because, like Boromir, they don’t understand the problem.

I read something similar in a piece yesterday talking about how it’s all well and good that the Republicans want to cut departments and programs like PPACA, but what are they going to replace them with?

Why do they need to be replaced with anything? Most of te stuff the feds are tied up in isn’t any of their damn business in the first place, so why would any sane person who just cut the government replace it with anything at all?

I just want the government to leave me alone. And because I’m such a nice, friendly guy, I want the government to leave everyone else alone, too. Is that so much to ask?

2 Comments to “Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAARGH”

  1. The problem is that we are attempting to convert/reach people who are of such vastly different world views from us that there is little to no use in trying.

    In our world, people can be – and would be, if given the chance – self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-supporting, and capable of determining their own futures and desires to the best of their abilities.

    In their world, people are flawed, broken toys who must be cared for and controlled, lest their flailings for meaning doom society as a whole.

    Until we overcome that difference of perceptions, there is only one direction this country is headed.

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