Fighting of the Spirit

by wfgodbold

The original Tales of Phantasia boss music (for fights against the spirits) was pretty good.

S.S.H.‘s arrangement is even better (not really surprising, since the SNES, while pretty good for music, was still limited by the hardware).

Of course, I tend to think just about any music can be improved by fusing it with metal. I must have been dropped on my head when I was a child.


2 Comments to “Fighting of the Spirit”

  1. Tales of Phantasia was my first Tales of, long time ago, and still is one of my favourite.
    Spirits (summon) idea was really better than the one in Final Fantasy 6.
    I think that Fightning of the spirit is still the most beautiful boss battle theme in whole Tales of series, it is also the battle theme that I like to play on TotW Radiant Mythology 3.
    Metal arrangements works pretty well on Motoi Sakuraba music.

    • I’m seriously tempted to try to find a copy of Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X, since it has another remake of ToP that changes the battle system so that magic doesn’t stop everyone else while it casts. That’s a big enough improvement right there to make it almost worth it. If only it were on the PSN instead of physical media only.

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