Nic Cage is the greatest actor of our time

by wfgodbold

I attribute his versatility and range to his nouveau shamanic acting method.

Anyway, I saw Ghost Rider over the weekend, and while it didn’t rise to the level of so bad it’s good as the first Ghost Rider did (this one was more so bad it’s okay, but that’s still better than so bad it’s terrible), it was still entertaining.

And most of the entertainment is from Nic Cage just throwing himself into the part; he tends to act completely crazy, but somehow it works. Maybe it’s the shamanic influences. Maybe he got his Oscar and just quit caring and decided if he was going to get paid for playing pretend, he would really throw himself into it.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was probably not worth seeing in theaters, but if you can get past its mediocrity, you’ll have a good time.

Henry Fonda was a better devil, and Sam Elliott was a better narrator.

2 Comments to “Nic Cage is the greatest actor of our time”

  1. Sam Elliot’s voice > all white men’s voices.

    James Earl Jones’ voice > all voices.


    And, yeah, Cage pretty much made the movie watchable, which is what I was counting on, and you know the whole “taking a leak while Rider’d up” was his idea…

    • Cage isn’t in the best movies. He’s not even (usually) in decent movies. He is, however, in entertaining movies, and that’s what matters.

      I don’t know who the movie industry is going to get to narrate when Elliott, Jones, and Freeman kick the bucket, but they had better start searching now.

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