R.I.P., Andrew Breitbart

by wfgodbold

The right’s favorite provocateur has joined the choir invisible.

I’ve never been a huge fan*; he railed against bias in the media, and used the tricks of the left against them with great aplomb. His ability to infuriate his opponents and set up media portals for the right to influence the culture was amazing.

I never met Breitbart, and I’m sure he never came across my little corner of the internet, but I always enjoyed the apoplectic fits the targets of his attention would inevitably be manipulated into (his timed release of the various ACORN videos was awe-inspiring for how well the media and ACORN danced to his tune).

They say you can judge a man by his enemies; the hordes of people rejoicing at his passing reveal Breitbart’s true power.

After all, anyone who pissed off that many leftists so consistently had to be doing something right.

RIP, Breitbart.

*By which I mean I was a fan of Andrew Breitbart’s, but not hugely so. Not that I didn’t care for him at all.

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