John Carter of Earth?

by wfgodbold

No. John Carter of Mars!

For an adaptation of a pulp adventure novel first published in 1912, Disney’s John Carter (adapted from A Princess of Mars) holds up very well. The reviewers don’t know WTF they’re talking about (though I suppose it is kind of a hit or miss movie, so maybe 50% is about right. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys movies like this, this is a movie you’ll enjoy).

The actors all do a good job, and get into their roles without going Large Ham on us (even Willem Dafoe manages to rein it in!). I did like that while they used a bunch of recognizable actors, there weren’t any huge stars to ruin it by doing their shtick (e.g., Tom Cruise running, Nic Cage with a weird haircut and a flashlight losing his mind).

The action is great, the setting is great (though it could have been a bit redder), and the effects are great. The 3D was understated (surprising in a Disney flick).

And the movie does its job; for two hours, John Carter isn’t the only one transported to the savage world of Barsoom.

The audience is as well.


2 Comments to “John Carter of Earth?”

  1. I would stress that it is loosely based upon A Princess of Mars – I am still plowing through all of the books (on Thuvia, Maid of Mars at the moment), but I still see no mention of the Therns possessing a weapon quite like that blue thing, or the strange technotree on the River Iss.

    The actors amuse me, though, especially given that the lead two both have some strange genetics when they are here on Earth…

    Still, I liked it, and while it may not be strictly science fiction, it scratched that itch well enough for the time being.

    • I’m fine with it being loosely based on the source material; I’ve only read part of the first book, but the way Carter gets to Mars in the movie is more believable than the astral projection he uses in the books.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to do well enough to merit a sequel. Which is a shame; it was great.

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