Two! Two years!

by wfgodbold

Mwah ha ha!*

In my first year, I had just over 3,000 views and wrote just over 300 posts.

In my second, I’ve had more than 17,000 views, and 600 more posts.

Thanks to North and the GBBL for the traffic they drive my way, to everyone who clicks on my twitter links, to the dozen followers, and to the dozen people who subscribe via RSS (and to everyone Google leads here). Without you guys,  I’d be just another guy who rails at everything while everyone else crosses to the other side of the internet to avoid him.

I look forward to continued griping about games, government, and guns, and hope the rest of you look forward to reading it!

*If you didn’t read the post title and first line in the style of The Count, you’re a horrible person.


2 Comments to “Two! Two years!”

  1. Wait… you can cross to the other side of the internet? *looks around for the crosswalks*

    … In other news, congratulations ;).

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