I have a working internet connection once more…

by wfgodbold

But I’m still furious.

It turns out my modem wasn’t fried by the storm after all. My connection was shut off because I cancelled the cable TV subscription I’d had through my apartment complex (because I hadn’t watched it in nearly a year, thanks to its low definition and the availability of hulu/netflix), and as the cable connection goes, so goes the internet.

Even though I pay two different companies for the TV and internet service, I have to pay for the former to be able to use the latter.

Yeah. The cost of my cable internet is now effectively (nearly) doubled; I get to pay $50/month for shitty basic cable (in non-HD and without a DVR, that I’ll never watch) to be able to use my $60/month internet connection.

The apartment office even called their headquarters to see if they’d let the internet guys put a filter on my cable, and they got turned down. I either pay for cable TV, or my internet service is completely useless.

That’s a pretty sweet extortion/protection racket they’ve got.



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