What caliber for memes?

by wfgodbold

Tam pointed out this morning that the “911 operators ordered Zimmerman to stop following Martin!” meme won’t die.

Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey’s probable cause affidavit (for Zimmerman’s arrest) isn’t going to do much to kill it:

When the police dispatcher realized Zimmerman was pursuing Martin, he instructed Zimmerman not to do that and that the responding officer would meet him. Zimmerman disregarded the police dispatcher…

According to the actual 911 call, the dispatcher said “We don’t need you to do that.”

Now, I don’t know how the whole thing went down; I wasn’t there, and I haven’t seen the evidence. But I would think a prosecutor who bends the truth past the breaking point in her affidavit for probably cause might do so at other points in the trial, too.

I don’t see how an honest person could characterize the dispatcher’s statement as an instruction.


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