Apparently being a reporter is the easiest job in the world

by wfgodbold

Because you don’t have to do research, or make sure you’re not just fabricating shit out of whole cloth, or anything else. You can just write whatever the hell you want, and CNN will publish it (H/T Tam). Presumably their “solution” to the “problem” will be some kind of ban on violent games*.

Too bad that’s unconstitutional.

Rock Paper Shotgun actually does real journalism in their piece on Brevik and his trial.

I’ve played video games, violent and nonviolent, for almost 25 years (The earliest games I remember playing were The Black Cauldron and Lords of Conquest). And yet, somehow, I have never killed anyone, never planned to kill anyone, never plotted world domination, or anything else. Just about every American in my generation can say the same.

Games are ubiquitous, and playing games is normal. The breathless media is just trying to gin up a controversy to stay relevant for a bit longer. If they keep publishing tripe like this, they’re more desperate than I thought.

This is another case where the Gell-Man Amnesia effect comes into play. If journalists can’t be bothered to do the due diligence required to print truthful information about a vile human being who killed nearly 80 people, why should we expect them to bother doing enough work to make sure their less consequential stories are truthful?

*Those are sarcasm quotes; banning wouldn’t be a solution, and violent games are no more a problem than rock music, D&D, or whatever the next generation will come up with to scandalize this one.


One Comment to “Apparently being a reporter is the easiest job in the world”

  1. If playing Black Cauldron didn’t make you angry and violent, no games will.

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