Crystal Bridges

by wfgodbold

While visiting some friends in the NW corner of the state this past weekend, I went to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and wandered through the gallery (though I didn’t take advantage of their nifty app).

The collection is impressive.

And since they let you take pictures of every piece (save one picture of Davy Crockett, for some reason), you can take pictures of original pictures and email/text them to friends in large cities who are aghast that Alice Walton would dare buy all this great art and then take it to Arkansas.

If you’re in the Bentonville area, you should definitely take the time to drop in and check it out.

I didn’t get the names for most of the pieces I took low quality iPhone pictures of, but I won’t let that stop me from sharing them.

Mount Etna

Rosie the Riveter

Does her pose remind you of anyone?

I'm sure she needs no introduction.

Edit: Resized the photos so they wouldn’t be cut off on the right side.

Edit 2: I forgot to post the photo I took of one of their two portraits of George Washington:


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