Can’t sleep. Must keep clicking.

by wfgodbold

Finals wrapped up Thursday morning, and to celebrate, I may be playing Diablo III to excess.

By which I mean I have a Barbarian and a Monk in Nightmare (they finished Act IV Normal at level 32 and 31, respectively; the barb is in Act II NM and the monk in Act I). For both characters, I strictly played single player (though I did take advantage of the shared stash to keep my monk in ridiculously good equipment my barb kept finding). I’ve played a bit of multiplayer with a wizard, but not a whole lot. It seemed to go pretty well, too.

The game is pretty good (obviously, if I’ve played it that much). The plot is okay (the twists seemed pretty obvious, though), but the gameplay is awesome.

Given my rant on Wednesday, I thought I should point out that this endless complaining from the interwebs about a sequel to a beloved Blizzard franchise is nothing new: people hated Diablo II at launch (H/T CarbonatedFalcon).

The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess.

Update: Also, NM is far harder than normal. Elite packs are rough, champions and unique monsters have multiple damage modifications, and death is inevitable. Especially if you get a pack with, say, molten and plagued, so the entire ground around all the enemies turns into one giant pool of “stand here for more than 1 second and you’re dead.”

It makes it a bit tough to melee them when that happens…

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