And on the law school front…

by wfgodbold

The summer semester is winding down (just this week and next before the reading period and finals). Patent and Trade Secret Law is interesting, and Pre-Trial Criminal Procedure is interesting, depressing, and infuriating (and, at times, hilarious; why on earth would you consent to a search of anything if you were carrying any kind of contraband?).

We got our grades from last semester a couple weeks ago. I improved in Legal Research, Reasoning/Writing/Advocacy, Contracts, and Civil Procedure, did a bit worse in Property, and did slightly worse in Criminal Law than I did in Torts. Net change to my overall GPA: +0.01 (at least I’m consistent!).

Remember at the end of May/beginning of June when I wasn’t updating (okay, that went on for most of June, but who’s keeping track?)? In addition to summer classes starting, I was working on the law review write-on competition.

Well, all that work wasn’t in vain, since yesterday I learned that I had been selected for one of the law review apprenticeships. I’ll spend the fall checking cites and learning more about legal scholarship than I ever wanted to know, and then in the spring, I’ll actually have to write a note or comment.

Between this and the moot court class I’m taking in the fall, I think I’m going to be very busy.


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