Sorry, Whedon…

by wfgodbold

But Christopher Nolan is my master now.

The Dark Knight Rises is probably the best way Nolan’s Batman trilogy could have ended (I’ll do my best to avoid thpoilerth), and a damn fine movie.

Sure, it doesn’t have Heath Ledger giving an awesome performance as the Joker, but the entire cast did a great job here (instead of being overshadowed by the dead star of A Knight’s Tale). Bale does a great job (he’s come a long way from Reign of Fire), the villains do a great job, everyone is great.

There are even a few well-done callbacks and flashbacks to the previous two films (if you don’t remember them, I suggest a rewatch before seeing TDKR).

The bulk of the film pays homage (?) to the French Revolution (and Occupy Wall Street (but I repeat myself)), right down to the class envy, the Storming of the Bastille, and sham trials (complete with gratuitous French antique chair for the accused!)*.

If you like Batman, you owe it to yourself to see this movie (I’ve seen it twice!). It’s got the best rendition of Bane (not hard, after Batman and Robin), Catwoman (I still can’t believe I paid actual money to see Halle Berry in that piece of crap film), and REDACTED** in any big screen Batman movie yet!

*And a choice Charles Dickens quote, to boot.

**Thpoilerth avoided!

4 Comments to “Sorry, Whedon…”

  1. Honestly, Bane’s rendition was the single biggest grief I had with the movie. His dialog was occasionally so very muffled and distorted that it pulled me out of the movie to try to figure out what it was he just said, and that mask would not have enough of a capacity for pain-dampening drugs to last an hour, much less anything else ;).

    ‘Course, I was not a fan of the person chosen to play [REDACTED], so we may be coming at this from different angles.

    • Yeah, Bane’s McDonald’s Drive-thru voice box needed touching up in post-production. Other than that, though, Bane was great. Tom Hardy is a terrifyingly buff dude.

      And as far as the drugs go, we only see Bane for ~5-10 minutes at a stretch, so he could refill his mask every time a scene he’s in ends, and we’d never know.

      I dunno about REDACTED; he’s come a long way since REDACTED, and the upcoming movie he’s in with REDACTED looks pretty good, too. That said, his role in REDACTED was pretty hammy.

      That said, I give DC 3-5 years max before they reboot Batman and ruin it again.

      • I certainly have no beef with the actor, but something that has to be recharged every 10 minutes would have a bitch of a logistics chain.

        As for [Redacted], I think we are talking about different ones – mine has boobs.

        And I have already heard rumors that a re-re-re-re-(re-?)boot of Batman is already in the works.

      • Logistics? Bah!
        What do you think he has an army of gullible minions for? Washing his car?

        Well, I wasn’t talking about [Redacted], since [Redacted] hasn’t had a big screen rendition before. I was talking about REDACTED.

        Is that clearer?

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