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Photo of the day

by wfgodbold

Courtesy of MSNBC:

Sure, getting caught mid-wave with your hand right smack-dab in the middle of someone’s face is embarrassing, but what bothers me is the weird angle Obama’s head is at.

With the stark shadow of his chin, it looks like his head was photoshopped on (or possibly that he’s a weird bobble-head doll). No one else’s chin is angled that far from their center line.

It’s been bothering me since I first saw this picture this afternoon.


Holy crap!

by wfgodbold

I knew the riots in London were out of hand, but this looks more like something you’d see in a third world nation (or possibly Detroit):

If you’re in London, do what you can to stay safe and defend yourself. This is the third night of rioting, and from those pictures, I don’t know that the rioters and looters are planning on stopping any time soon.

The Dolists want their BLS increased, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

Update: Kevin Baker has some more pics, along with pics from the LA riots in ’92 for comparison. Note the Korean shopkeepers along the roof of their store, prepared to defend it (something impossible in the UK thanks to the near total ban on firearms).


Damn it, Apple

by wfgodbold

If I choose to use my phone to break the law (whether it’s by recording copyrighted material or recording the police), that’s my choice; you have no right to disable something I’ve already paid for.

Now, I realize the patent only refers to disabling the phone’s camera when it detects some infrared signal, and they’re touting this as a solution to surreptitious concert and movie recording.

But it wouldn’t be a stretch for the police to decide that no, you really don’t have a right to record them, and then outfit every patrol car with one of these disabling devices.

Given that Apple has already caved in to law enforcement demands with respect to DUI checkpoint avoidance apps, I don’t think it would be out of character for them to happily provide the police with the ability to circumvent citizen oversight.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Only people with Android phones and Flip cameras, I guess.

Update: ESR savages Apple even further.


The police are not your friends.

by wfgodbold

Fortunately, they’ve grown less shy about pointing that out.

Claims that the police are jackbooted thugs are growing less hyperbolic by the incident; if contempt of cop is a crime, then it’s merely a matter of time before we’re all criminals.

Because this behavior is utterly contemptible.


Vegas photos

by wfgodbold

I know I said I’d have these up last week, but I had to get my laptop repaired, and then there was family stuff going on until Saturday.

Now that’s all done with, I’ll post a few of the photos I took in Las Vegas a couple weeks back; hit the jump (beware, they are hi-res).

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Fear the deodand and its awesome totemic powers!

by wfgodbold

Twenty-round "assault clips" of doom!

Or, you know, don’t.

The Brady Campaign’s so-called “assault clips” (Yes. Really. Thirty-seven years of trying to ban guns and they still can’t get the terminology right. (H/T Sebastian)) are common; aside from a handful of states that have their own state-level assault weapons bans on the books (NY, MD, CA, and a few others, I think; most states don’t), you can buy magazines (clips are something completely different!) of any capacity you desire.

Anti-gunners have never been inclined to let the facts get in the way of their cause; even the UN’s data correlating civilian gun ownership with various indices (freedom, suicide, homicide, corruption, and economics) doesn’t jive with their gun control goals.

But who cares about that! There’s blood in the streets, and it’s not going to dance in itself!

An Evil Black Rifle and 30-round "assault clips;" run for the hills!

In addition to the twenty-round magazines above, I also own several thirty-round magazines (at left).

And yet somehow I have managed to resist the mind-control rays emitted by these plastic boxes and metal springs; my “clips” have “assaulted” no one.

I mean, I guess you could really do some damage if you took a full thirty-rounder and beat someone with it; even then, the villain wouldn’t be the magazine. I’ve never shot anyone; I’ve never even pointed one of my guns at anyone (and I hope never to have to).

Hell, I’ve never even been in a fight!

Now, you might say, “But Jared Loughner used thirty-round magazines assault clips in his pistol! That’s completely different!”


Handguns and rifles are completely different. If someone were so inclined, he could wreak far more havoc with a rifle; they have longer range, and are more powerful than handguns by a significant margin. Of course, rifles are almost impossible to conceal; that’s why Loughner and Cho and the more recent mass shooters have chosen to use them. After all, if you’re going to illegally carry a gun into a victim-disarmament zone, someone might notice that rifle you’ve got slung over your shoulder.

Oh noes! Eighteen-round "assault clips!" They're everywhere!

Don’t worry, though; I have assault clips for my pistol, as well! Sure, they’re not thirty-round magazines like I have for my rifle, or like the extended magazine Loughner used in his Glock, but eighteen-rounds is still nearly twice the arbitrary ten-round limit the anti-gunners have set their sights on.

Banning “assault clips” won’t prevent nutjobs from snapping and going on a rampage; the Rio shooter used a pair of six-shot revolvers and killed twice as many people as Loughner did with his evil assault clips.

The right of self-defense can’t be abrogated by act of congress, or executive order, or even by popular vote.

Amending the Constitution to remove the second amendment wouldn’t abolish the right to bear arms or the right to self-defense, either.

Guns are the most effective method for defending oneself yet invented; like Weerd Beard says, “they’re the greatest force multiplier you can get.”

Firearms allows smaller, weaker people to defend themselves against larger, stronger criminals.

Like the saying goes:

“God created man, but Sam Colt made them equal.”


Creepy photo of the day

by wfgodbold

Courtesty of National Geographic online:

Kill it with fire!

What eldritch monster is going to crawl out of those cocoons?

Or do Bilbo’s dwarvish companions lie slumbering within?

*Note: Those are trees cocooned within spider silk after a flood (in case you couldn’t be bothered to click on the link).

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