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Before I forget

by wfgodbold

Dredd was good.

It was darker and edgier than the campy Stallone version, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (unless you’ve an aversion to ultraviolence or gore, I suppose). One reason I think it worked a little better than the previous film* is that aside from the shorter in medias res intro, the whole thing takes place in a much smaller area (than the first film did). You see the world in the intro and outro, but instead of taking you into the Cursed Earth, and then all over the city, you really drill down into the seedy underbelly of Mega-City One.

And besides, any movie that even tries to hand-wave a reason for gratuitous cool-looking slow-mo action scenes can’t be all bad.

*Which I still liked, don’t get me wrong. It was so bad it’s good, instead of being legitimately good, is all.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon; or Michael Bay takes going Michael Bay to eleven. Or possibly twelve.

by wfgodbold

If you buy a ticket to a Michael Bay Film™, you know what you’re getting: action, explosions, flag-waving, action, explosions, heroic US armed forces, action, explosions, giant transforming robots, action, explosions, and just enough plot to tie the action and explosions together.

The first two movies weren’t well received by critics, but made serious cash at the box office; with its 36% fresh rating and 90% positive audience reception, Dark of the Moon looks to be no different.

The latest Transformers film opens in the 1950s; the scenes recreating the space race and moon landings are incredible. The transformers themselves are more detailed and better animated than in the previous movies, and Optimus Prime’s character evolves in ways that those of us who grew up watching the cartoon won’t expect.

Speaking of the cartoon; Leonard Nimoy returns to the franchise for the first time in 25 years! He voices Sentinel Prime, Optimus’s mentor, and even gets to quote one of the lines he’s famous for.

The entire last hour (or possibly a bit more than an hour) is one giant extended action scene, with explosions, giant robot fights, firefights, dogfights, fistfights, and damn near every other kind of fight. Bay spared no expense.

The 3D, aside from a couple scenes, is used to good effect (Bay manages (with only a couple lapses) to resist the stick-stuff-in-your-face-for-no-reason-except-to-show-how-cool-3D-is trap that 3D films fall into; if he’d gone full annoying 3D, I’d say so). The action is good, the plot is almost well done, and the characters…

Well, no one sees Michael Bay Films™ for the quality of the acting, let’s say.


The 3DS is official

by wfgodbold

And Nintendo is charging an arm and a leg for it.  I’m particularly interested in the Tales of the Abyss port; on a cartridge based system it shouldn’t be plagued by the long load times that made the PS2 version nigh unplayable.

Hopefully the 3DS will be region free; I’m not optimistic, though, since the DSi was region locked, and it was Nintendo’s most recent console release.  Especially with the yen as high against the dollar as it is now, releasing a region free handheld would just mean that a bunch of Japanese customers would buy the (relatively) cheaper American release instead of the domestic (and expensive) version.

The reverse import problem has plagued the anime industry as well; why should Japanese fans pay Y7000-8000 for a disc with two episodes on it when they could just import the American release (which still has Japanese audio) and pay less than that for half (or the entire) series?

I imagine sales of the 3DS won’t really take off until people have a chance to try out the display model in stores; you can tell people it’s in 3D all you want, but gameplay videos and trailers and ads online don’t get the point across as well as actually experiencing 3D sans glasses in real life will.

Once the public has had that, it might be hard to get them to put up with the annoying glasses that movies have been foisting on moviegoers recently.


Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

by wfgodbold

Was surprisingly better than expected; given the review aggregate, I went in to the theater wincing in anticipation of a wasted $11.

The action was well done, the plot was coherent enough to string together the action, and the actors were all believable as cardboard cutouts of post-apocalyptic survivors struggling to fight off the horde of zombies at the door.  They of course left the ending open for a sequel; it wouldn’t be a Resident Evil movie if they didn’t.

My only gripe was with the slow-motion action scenes; while they were well done, the slow-mo made it easy to watch Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter blink every time they fired their guns.

I do wonder at how Umbrella Corp. is planning on making money; they’ve managed to kill off (or infect) most of the earth’s population.  In the games, at least, the zombie outbreaks are just that: outbreaks, not a full-fledged zombie apocalypse.

We’ll see where the series goes from here, assuming it makes enough money for them to justify making another; the others were panned, but still did okay.

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