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Well, that was underwhelming. All that brouhaha, and the birth certificate was legit all along.

by wfgodbold

President Obama, at long last, has released his birth certificate (thanks, no doubt, to the tireless efforts of pompous blowhard Donald Trump). However, his claims that more news time has been spent on his birth certificate than on actual important issues ring false.

I’m not skeptical of its authenticity (and neither are big names in the GOP); though I do wonder what the point in waiting around this long was.

Several people think that he’s been delaying to paint birthers as paranoid lunatics. That seems plausible; the Gormogons point out that Hillary Clinton invented the whole issue, and Obama probably decided to see if he could use it to take out other political opponents with it as well.

I don’t know if it will backfire or not; he left it alone long enough that the real crazies are convinced he would’ve released it long ago if he hadn’t had anything to hide.

We just have to keep in mind what’s really important, though: Trump was able to hijack the birther issue to boost ratings for his TV show!

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