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Shut up and take my money! – Bungie edition

by wfgodbold

I haven’t played a multiplayer FPS in some time, but Destiny looks awesome:


Good for Bungie!

by wfgodbold

One of their IT people was carrying in Seattle when a parking lot fight between two men turned into a shootout; he drew his weapon and made a citizen’s arrest of the escaping shooter.

That’s pretty risky, but it seems to have turned out okay. What impressed me is that Bungie doesn’t seem that bothered by it:

Good for them!

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by wfgodbold

Halo: Combat Evolved!

The killer app for the original Xbox (in its gigantic splendor). Microsoft was so desperate to have it that they bought Bungie outright.


Bungie originally announced Halo at MacWorld in 1999 (for both PC and Mac), and then, in 2000, Microsoft bought them.

Even if you can’t stand first-person shooters, you’ve got to hand it to Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori; the main theme is excellent.

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