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What is best in life?

by wfgodbold

To crush your enemies.

See them driven before you.

And hear the lamentations of the women.

Thanks to all who called their congressmen to read them the riot act. Of course, just because gun control was defeated today doesn’t mean that it’s gone forever. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, etc.


After the oceans drank Atlantis…

by wfgodbold

Was the Hyborian Age, the world Robert E. Howard created for Conan the Barbarian.

The 2011 reboot of the film franchise is decent enough; it’s darker than the original Conan movies, and far bloodier. Limbs (and other body parts) are hacked off, people are slashed all over, some are bludgeoned horribly, and the blood flows like rain.

The story isn’t anything special; Conan gets orphaned and goes on a quest for revenge. For some reason there’s a ~20 year jump between when he starts looking for revenge and when we see him next; in that time, he’s grown stronger, taller, and has acquired a few scars (you’d think that a guy who usually fights unarmored would have far more scars than he does, especially after twenty years of battle).

Conveniently, the bad guys have also not been very productive over the intervening two decades, and Conan’s quest for revenge turns into a race to save the world from certain doom.

The action scenes are well done (though I wish there had been more of them), the actors do a generally decent job (Rose McGowan is flat out scary looking, and more than a little creepy), and several of the wenches are topless (You want to complain to someone, complain to the guys who put “topless wenches” in the credits, not me.). The sex scene wasn’t really necessary, but I suppose we can chalk that up to emulating the 1982 film (which had at least one sex scene).

I don’t know that it’s worth an evening admission, but it’s good enough for a matinee.


Atlantean Sword

by wfgodbold

Tomorrow, the newly remade sword and sorcery epic adventure, Conan the Barbarian, hits theaters (starring Drogo of Game of Thrones as the eponymous barbarian); today’s track is from the 1982 film starring the erstwhile governor of California (and James Earl Jones!).

The reboot (thankfully they did not try to get the Governator to reprise his role) is getting mixed reviews; apparently it hews closer to the dark, pulpy nature of Robert E. Howard’s original tales than to the campy Arnold version.

A welcome change, if you ask me (though I’m still waiting for Solomon Kane to come out in the US (futilely, I fear)).

What is best in life?

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