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The obligatory Casey Anthony verdict post

by wfgodbold

I don’t know if she’s as guilty as sin or not (I didn’t follow the media hooplah at all, and still haven’t read much about the case); she certainly did everything she could to make herself look guilty. But merely looking guilty is not a crime.

The government did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

I don’t know if it was cause of the CSI effect or not, but what I’ve read makes it sound like the prosecution completely flubbed. It looks like they were going for a high-profile career-making sensational case, instead of proving what they could.

Whether Anthony killed her child or not, she definitely could have been brought up on negligence charges; given her behavior, those would have been almost sure to stick.

I should also remind readers that we don’t have a justice system.

We have a legal system.

P.S. Don’t talk to the cops. They are not your friends.

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