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When time travel is outlawed …

by wfgodbold

Only outlaws will have time travel!

That’s the premise of Looper, at least – a dystopian near future, where crime syndicates from the less near future send people they want killed. It’s all fun and games until you screw up and let a guy escape.*

The movie is pretty entertaining: it’s got good action scenes and an interesting use of time travel. I suppose I should have seen the ending coming, but I didn’t.

I will say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Bruce Willis impression was better than Bruce Willis’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt impression. It’s like he wasn’t even trying!

Seriously, though, it’s not a bad movie.

*Why the geniuses in the future don’t just mortally wound the guys and send them back through time bleeding out is never explained. Maybe they have to be able to truthfully say they didn’t kill anyone?


Ask me for anything…

by wfgodbold

Anything but In Time.*

It was an okay movie, though like Linoge said, they did take the easy way out regarding the plot.

Company towns, people scraping by one day at a time, evil rich men lording their wealth over everyone else… This movie hits every “steal from the undeserving rich” cliche out there.

The token antagonist, a ridiculously wealthy banker (of course!), says at one point that for a few to be immortal, many must die (as a justification for the time-as-currency system the world now operates under).

Cillian Murphy’s character mentions that we wouldn’t have anywhere to put them if everyone lived for ever.

If we did manage to switch off aging, and people lived until they were killed, I think we’d either focus more on space exploration and colonization (to relieve overpopulation here), or we would bring back the code duello, have more wars, and institute capital punishment for increasingly less serious crimes (a la Larry Niven’s Known Space). Maybe even some combination of the above.

If you’re hoping for more than a thinly veiled class war piece, don’t see In Time. If you can look past that, it’s an okay dystopian SF flick, but nothing special.

*Apologies to the tyrant.


Looks like Logan’s Run with a loophole…

by wfgodbold

In Time, a movie that comes out later this year starring Neil Cafferty, the Scarecrow, Leonard, Thirteen, and Justin Timberlake, looks like an interesting take on a cashless society in the future. At 25 years old, everyone stops aging and is given one year to live; they keep track of their remaining time via an implanted digital countdown clock in their forearm.

When it hits zero, they die. If they manage to add more time, they live. In this future, time is the new currency; a cup of coffee might cost 3 minutes, and if you can amass enough time, you can live for hundreds of years. Obviously, only the very rich get to do so.

It looks like an interesting take on the whole problem of solving aging and what we would do with the ever-increasing number of undying people. I might see it in theaters when it comes out at the end of October.

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