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Shut up and take my money! – Bungie edition

by wfgodbold

I haven’t played a multiplayer FPS in some time, but Destiny looks awesome:


A game about politics, guns, and zombies?

by wfgodbold

“Game,” I should say; Tea Party Zombies Must Die is flash “advergame” in which the player shoots zombies with the features of various political opponents of the left.

John McCain (I think), Palin, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and various other Fox News people have all had their features badly transferred to zombie heads, and the player has to kill them all to progress through the game.

In between stages, the player is “awarded” with various talking points relating facts about the Tea Party Zombies, like “91% believe the stimulus legislation lost jobs,” or “72% believe the health care reform law will increase the deficit.”

Even setting aside the blatant propagandizing this “game” was obviously created for, as a game, it’s pretty awful. The controls are bad; it’s a first-person shooter that you control with the arrow keys (to move and turn) and z, x, and c (to change weapons and shoot).

You don’t have to aim up or down (thankfully); the action is all in the same plane (a la the original Wolfenstein 3D games).

Signs are scattered about the levels, some accurate representations of tea party signs (like the Obama as the Joker socialism poster), and others bad parodies.

I gave the game a fair shake and found it wanting; I ended up killing 40 zombies and finally falling to the zombified Fox News Blonde Anchorwoman zombies just outside their breeding pit (Yes. Really.).

I’m not one to discriminate on political views; if you’ve turned into a brain-hungering zombie, you’ll have to die (sorry, that’s just the law of the zombacalypse).

However, if a tea partier, republican, or libertarian had made this game, with various liberal zombies instead of the PC evil right wing zombies we ended up with, there would be much howling and gnashing of teeth on the left. As it is, this will just be shrugged off as “just a game.”

If the game were actually any good, I might’ve been willing to put up with it’s blatant partisan hackery.

It’s not. Don’t waste your time.

H/T: Hot Air and Daniel Foster.


Want You Gone

by wfgodbold

To celebrate the news that Valve’s Portal 2 will be (finally) getting free downloadable content next month, I’ve chosen the ending theme to that game for today’s track. If you’ve not played it, consider yourself warned; spoilers follow!

Like Still Alive, Portal’s hit ending theme, Want You Gone is sung by GLaDOS (and written by Jonathan Coulton).

I think it’s a better song all around; Still Alive was good, but since they knew they had to top that for the sequel, they pulled out all the stops.

Portal 2 was great, and hopefully the DLC will be just as awesome.


Descent into Cerberon

by wfgodbold

Back in the day, everyone played Quake II, whether the official game, or one of the many mods (my buddies and I were partial to Action Quake).

Instead of rocket jumps and railguns, you had sniper rifles and MP5s, and everything was styled like an action movie.

A contemporary action movie, not an SF flick with space marines and aliens from Hell. There was no single-player component to the AQ mod, but it made multiplayer more harrowing; falls from heights could injure your legs, making you slower, and getting shot in the head was fatal regardless of how much health you had.

While it didn’t have the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack the first game did, Quake II did continue the metal trend with tracks like this one:


Ice Valley ~ Phendrana Drifts Theme #1

by wfgodbold

Metroid Prime was the first game in the series to break from the 3rd person view and give the player first-person control of Samus Aran.

It does a pretty good job of pulling off the Metroidvania style of gameplay in a 3D world (instead of a sidescrolling 2D world), but IIRC it makes some changes to traditional FPS gameplay.

The main addition is the ability to lock-on to enemies; this gives the gameplay the run and gun feel of the 2D Metroid games, but also makes it less difficult than other FPS games (circle-strafing with lock-on targeting is a joke).

One of the cooler additions is the multiple visors; in the ice levels, Samus finds a thermal visor, letting her more easily see certain machines and enemies. Later in the game, she finds an x-ray visor, which lets her see through most solid objects and detect invisible enemies.


Welcome to Rapture

by wfgodbold

Everyone’s favorite failed dsytopian underwater city, and the setting of the game Bioshock.

After the player crashes into the ocean at the beginning of the game, he makes his way to an elevator that then takes him to the bottom of the ocean and the city that a wealthy industrialist built there: Rapture.

It was originally conceived as a haven from which intelligent people could build a society free from the oppressive governments, economies, and religions on the surface.

Unfortunately, something went wrong; when the player arrives, the city is trashed, the few survivors are completely insane and have bizarre superpowers, and young girls wander the city with their giant armored bodyguards.

The situation pushes the player into a power struggle, and his actions will determine whether the ending is upbeat or a bit … darker.


Cara Mia

by wfgodbold

Better known as the “Turret Opera” from the end of Portal 2 (no spoilers in the video, unless you happen to speak Italian), Cara Mia plays at the very end of the game, during the final cutscene.

It’s followed (almost immediately) by “Want You Gone,” the Jonathan Coulton track that GLaDOS sings over the credits. That song does contain spoilers (in English, no less!), so I’m not going to feature it here quite yet.

The actual rendition of “Cara Mia” in the game is sung by turrets (hence the Turret Opera moniker), but the following video is an a cappella cover by A Cappella Records.

I think I might prefer this to the original version; while I do love the turrets, their autotuned singing doesn’t seem to work as well for opera.

Valve has also made the first volume of the Portal 2 Soundtrack available for download, absolutely free! No spoilers here, either; it’s all instrumental (as instrumental as electronic music gets, anyway). I imagine the next disc will have “Want You Gone” and “Cara Mia” and they’ll charge for it.


Red Riot Theme

by wfgodbold

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division was a FPS released many moons ago for the PC and now available once more at Good Old Games.

They essentially re-release older games with DOSBox functionality included so that they run without issue on modern PCs, and they charge (usually) $5-$10 per game. They don’t even bother with DRM!

Anyway, Shogo is heavily influenced by anime, complete with anime-inspired character and mech designs. Instead of being set entirely on foot, like most of its contemporary FPS games, some of the levels would put the main character being the wheel (?) of a giant robot, and the FPS action would go from human scale to city scale.

It was an enjoyable game, and I’d say it’s definitely worth the $6 GOG is charging.



by wfgodbold

Halo: Combat Evolved!

The killer app for the original Xbox (in its gigantic splendor). Microsoft was so desperate to have it that they bought Bungie outright.


Bungie originally announced Halo at MacWorld in 1999 (for both PC and Mac), and then, in 2000, Microsoft bought them.

Even if you can’t stand first-person shooters, you’ve got to hand it to Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori; the main theme is excellent.


Science Can Be Fun

by wfgodbold

You knew it was coming; given all the raving I’ve done about Portal 2, it was bound to make an appearance as the Daily OST Selection sooner or later.

The ending credits song is good, but given the spoileriffic nature of the lyrics, I’ll not post it until more time has passed since the game’s release.

In the meantime, enjoy this track, instead! Parts of it play towards the end of the commercial, but I don’t remember where else in the game it plays.

Most of the music in Portal 2 is electronic; normally I’m not a fan of Daft Punk style music, but it works for this game.

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