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Overheard in Jurisprudence

by wfgodbold

In class last night, while discussing Dworkin and the objective nature of morality:

Student: I’m just saying that somewhere there’s probably at least one person who thinks that putting babies on stakes is morally fine.

Professor: Yeah, and there are also people who don’t think that 2+2=4. Where do we put those people?

Me: Congress?

Even in law school, we’re united by our shared hatred of Congress.


In lieu of the post I am too incredulous/furious to write…

by wfgodbold

Here’s a video of Jake Solomon, the lead designer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, trying to convince people in a game store they should buy his game:

I’ll post my review of Taken 2, and the post that would have been here but for my hunch that I’d say something I might regret, this weekend.


The funniest bit in Resident Evil: Retribution…

by wfgodbold

Was when Alice (Milla Jovovich) handed another character a gun,* and said “Do you know how to use one of these?”

The response?

“I campaigned for gun control!”

“But do you know how to use it?”

“You don’t understand! I marched against the NRA!”

This conversation, of course, happens in the downtime in between killing zombies and running for their lives.

Once the zombies are at the door, it’s well past time to give up on gun control.

As far as the rest of the movie goes; if you’re the kind of person who watched the other Resident Evil movies, you’re the target audience. And you had better go see it, since Paul W.S. Anderson said that if it does well enough, he’ll make a sixth movie, and that will be the finale!

*KRISS got their money’s worth with their product placement, for sure.


A helpful primer on Body Armor for members of The Media™ (or, Because I’m Nothing if not Helpful)

by wfgodbold

Since certain members of the media were scandalized about the “body armor” the Aurora shooter wore, I thought I would take a page from Robb Allen’s book, and make up a handy graphic. Note I said “body armor,” complete with scare quotes; it turned out that he wasn’t actually wearing body armor. He was wearing a tactical vest made to hold accessories.

All images found via Google image search. I don’t own any of them.

Edit: I combined this with the GIMP (because it’s free). I’d never used it before, so forgive the unprofessionalness.

Edit Redux: Also, the “body armor” used by the Aurora shooter is the vest on the top left.


Well, that’s that.

by wfgodbold

Law school has wrought havoc on my sense of humor, because I couldn’t stop laughing at this video (language alert!):

They did a pretty good job of at least mentioning damn near everything we’ve covered this year in Civil Procedure.


And without even trying, Matthew Yglesias shows why STEM majors mock non-STEM majors…

by wfgodbold

If only we could be as well educated as Harvard philosophy majors!


Even engineers (perhaps especially engineers) know to proofread before publishing.


Drumming is the heartbeat of the OWS movement?

by wfgodbold

Wait a minute

Look, I know people have joked about the OWS protestors being zombies before, but this changes everything!

Of course, that the drummers are the “heartbeat” of the movement could just be a coincidence.

But can we really afford to take that chance?

What would Harry Dresden do?


Occupy Rapture!

by wfgodbold

Andrew Ryan and his cohorts have hoarded ADAM long enough!

We demand unfettered access to ADAM and plasmids, free oxygen and food, and an end to the grotesque experiments that produced the Little Sisters!

Ryan and his ilk have trod on the backs of the working class for long enough!

Would you kindly join Atlas in his stand against the corrupt head of Rapture, and help us turn this underwater city into a worker’s paradise?


The 1%

by wfgodbold

It’s funny because it’s true:

Via Twitter.


Who needs Tornado Guard when you can have built-in iOS Earthquake warnings?

by wfgodbold

xkcd has been one-upped by real life! iOS 5 has the capability to link directly to the Japanese early earthquake warning system; with quakes like the one this past March, the epicenter was located such that many Japanese were warned a minute in advance by the early warning system.

This functionality would warn you even if you didn’t happen to be watching TV or listening to the radio.

Assuming it works…

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