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Damn you, Woot!

by wfgodbold

In case you were unaware, is doing one of their periodic woot-offs right now, and so when a new item is posted, the image loads a few seconds after the item’s name.

When I saw “AR iPod/iPad Docking Station,” I got my hopes up. Surely this would be some kind of rail-mounted doohickey for hanging your phone off your AR!

Unfortunately, the image at right loaded.

The AR is the brand name abbreviation: Acoustics Research, and it’s just a regular old docking station/stand.

I should have known better, but given woot’s propensity for putting weapon lights up, I didn’t think I could rule it out.

Maybe next time!

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Thoughts on Uncharted: Golden Abyss

by wfgodbold

I finished the game Sunday night on normal. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty good handheld adaptation of the console Uncharted experience.

The gyro-assisted aiming was great; I think this would work even on the console versions of Uncharted with the PS3’s Sixaxis controllers. Once I figured out how to use it properly, I was getting headshots more often than not.

There wasn’t much deadtime; the game was good about taking Nate from one action setpiece to the next.

The story was decent; it’s set before Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (the first game), but aside from Elena not showing up at all, you’d never have known.

However, there were some things I didn’t like at all.

The final boss fight was terrible; it combined the tediousness of quick time events with the annoyance of swiping all over the Vita screen. If I wanted to play a touchscreen-based game, I’d have bought a damn iPad. There were plenty of touchscreen quick time events throughout the game, so it’s not like they surprised me with it; but I didn’t like those either, and so I really didn’t like it when I had to swipe around on the screen for five minutes to beat the final boss. If you miss three of the swipes, it’s game over; it’s also game over if you miss the final swipe, even if it’s not the third.

The graphics were pretty good, in spite of the jaggies. It looked better in motion than in the screenshots I took, but the jaggies were still noticeable.

Your sidekicks are morons. They get in the way, and thanks to collision detection, you can’t just walk through them; you bump into them and have to go around. It was especially annoying when they would start climbing down ropes before I could and then when I tried to follow them, I’d roll off the ledge and fall to my death.

I’d say if you’re on the fence about whether to buy it or not, either pick it up used or wait for a sale. It’s good enough to play, and a fun game, but it’s definitely not worth the $50 MSRP. Maybe if it had been made by Naughty Dog instead of Bend, it would have been a bit better; I guess we’ll never know.


NGP details leaked!

by wfgodbold

If accurate, at E3 Sony will release the following information about their Next Generation Portable:

  • It will be released in time for Christmas 2011 in Japan; overseas, March 2012 is more likely.
  • The price will compete directly with the 3DS’s (for the non-3G model); the 3G capable model will probably cost more. Roughly ¥25000.
  • The leak does not reveal specifics regarding the memory; initial estimates put main memory at 512MB, graphics memory at 128MB, but recently it seems more likely that the main memory will be 256MB. They are trying to make the OS as small as possible (to ~26MB) and will put it in very fast memory. The graphics memory estimate is unchanged at 128MB.
  • The system’s initially planned 16GB of flash memory for games and data has been eliminated; games will be available on cards similar to SD cards.

No other new data was leaked; this may change with the presentation at E3, or may be inaccurate.

The total memory tops out at 410MB (256 + 128 + 26), which puts the NGP on par with the iPhone and the iPad 2’s 512MB of memory.

It looks like the original source was in French, which was then translated into Japanese, and which I have subsequently rendered into English. Telephone game rules apply (and my translation hat is probably a bit rusty).


The iPad 2 has launched, and I remain tabletless

by wfgodbold

Fight the power!

Resist the siren call of awesome tech of dubious value!

Even if you can get brand new first gen iPads for $399 (refurbs were $349, but they’ve run out).

As cool as the iPad is, I’m more interested in the ability to root Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color, and thereby turn it into a $250 Android tablet. I think it’s more likely that I’ll be able to find a cheap Nook Color than a cheap iPad, even after the iPad 2 launch.

Assuming I can find one for $150-$200 or so, I may give that a try.


The iPad 2 is tempting

by wfgodbold

But I’m going to stick with my netbook for now; the new iPad can’t quite replace it.

I’m sure Apple will get there eventually (probably in another iteration or two), once the Android tablets are providing stiffer competition for market share. Once you can completely replace your laptop or netbook with a tablet, I’ll be more interested.

In the meantime, I’ll just bide my time, waiting for the iPhone 5 announcement. The 3G iPhone I’ve been using for nearly two years is getting more and more sluggish, and I don’t think any of the newer iOS updates can be applied to it.

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Why I’m not buying an iPad*

by wfgodbold

*yet, anyway.

Sure, it’s supposedly going to change everything!  With all the hype its gotten, I’m surprised it doesn’t make julienne fries.

1.  It’s the first iteration of a brand new product.  Remember the first iPhone?  Or the first PS3?  (Okay, that might have been a bad example, since they removed the PS2 emulation for later models)  Or even the first iPod?  It’s no secret that no matter how well engineered a product is, the public will find something that needs to be fixed once its been released.  If you wait to get one until the second version, at least some of the issues should be fixed.

2.  It’s too expensive.  $500 for only 16gb is outrageous, especially with the low cost of flash memory.  And with the 2gb upper limit on application size, if you like fancy apps, you’re going to have to choose carefully which ones you want.  And if you start putting music, videos, apps, and books on it, those 16gb will fill up pretty fast.

3.  No camera.  This ties in with #1.  The original iPhone didn’t have a camera, and they fixed that in future versions.  I imagine the 2nd or 3rd iPad revision will also have a camera.

4.  Rebuying books.  This is part of the reason I haven’t bought a Kindle or a Nook, either, to be honest.  I own a lot of books, and I like to reread my favorites.  I don’t like the idea of having to buy a new electronic copy.  If the iBook new hardcover releases are discounted similarly to Kindle/Nook prices, then it would take even longer to break even with the iPad than for either of the other two dedicated ebook readers, since they start out at a lower price than the iPad.

5.  Battery life.  Reports are indicating that the iPad has around 10 hours of power.  That’s impressive considering the size of the screen and that it’s color and backlit, instead of an e-paper screen like the Kindle/Nook use.  On the other hand, if you fly internationally, you might want some kind of battery pack or something, cause 10 hours will get you most of the way through your flight.

6.  I don’t really need one.  This is the main reason.  I have an iPhone, an iPod, a laptop, and a netbook.  The laptop and netbook are fine for typing and the internet; I’m not entirely convinced that typing on the iPad will be as comfortable as they claim.  It might be nice to have a device that can fill in for each of those in a pinch, but for now, I’m fine carrying around a bunch of extra stuff instead.

On the other hand, if someone were to give me an iPad, I think I could manage to accept it without too much complaint.

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