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In spite of the hype and fanfare

by wfgodbold

I have not yet bought a 3DS. I’m planning on stopping by Best Buy tomorrow; if they’ve got a demo unit set up, I’ll give it a whirl. Unless it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, I don’t see myself buying one.

Even if, as Kotaku claims, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is X-COM: UFO Defense (minus the aliens, of course). Initially I didn’t think that any of the launch games sounded interesting, but a real X-COM game (as opposed to the horrible, horrible FPS update that’s in the works) gets my squad combat strategy juices going. Fantasy SRPGs are fun and all, but opportunity fire and cover are even better (for a console strategy game with both of those, I recommend Valkyria Chronicles; if you can put up with the anime-style art and character-driven story, the gameplay will not disappoint).

I get the feeling that a lot of the games are going to depend on gimmicks; the DS was the same way when it was first released. In Steel Diver, if the player spins in a circle (like in a swivel chair), the submarine’s periscope will rotate. Since the game was originally a tech demo at E3 in 2004, I doubt that it pushes the 3DS envelope; it’s probably been just updated enough to release as a full game, a la Luigi’s Mansion.

Super Street Fighter IV is supposed to be the best example of what the 3DS can do, but even it has problems; the backgrounds are static and lifeless, and the over-the-shoulder angle (as opposed to the traditional side-on camera angle) makes judging distance impossible.

I also have it on good authority that Pilotwings Resort is fun; my friend and newly christened fly-jin Dan has been playing the Japanese release on his Japan-region 3DS, and claims that it’s great.

I don’t know that I’ll get a 3DS any time soon, but it’s a pretty sure bet that I’ll get one eventually; I assure you, gentle reader, that I didn’t make this post and fill it with Amazon affiliate links in a blatant attempt to capitalize on inevitable launch day traffic. Why, the very idea is absurd! Such blatant shilling would be completely out of in character!


So, how about that weather?

Update: After playing around with Best Buy’s demo unit for a few minutes, I can definitely say that the 3D is impressive. On the other hand, I was decidedly less impressed with Pilotwings Resort; it’s basically a 3D handheld port of the plane flying games (it’s no flight simulator, trust me) included in Wii Sports Resort. They only had the one demo unit, and it only had the one game, so I don’t know if any of the other games are any good. If you’re curious, head to a Best Buy (I imagine Gamestops will have demo units set up, but I haven’t seen for myself) and try it out.

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