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Tab clearing (Blood Dancing Edition)

by wfgodbold

Everyone has by now heard about the tragic shooting at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO. I think this is the third mass shooting to occur since I started blogging (the other two being Loughner’s rampage in Arizona, and Brevik’s in Norway); James Holmes’s spree seems (at this point) to have more in common with the latter than the former, especially given how much planning was involved.

Of course, the usual suspects wasted no time in clamoring for an “honest conversation on gun control,” which means, of course, the same thing as “compromise.” That is, they get everything they want (more gun control), and we are left holding the bag.

Roger Ebert kicked things off, Friday, with his opinion piece in the NYT, in which he calls our gun laws “insane.” He talked about how no one at the theater in Aurora shot back, even though people say they need guns to defend themselves. Apparently Cinemark has a no guns policy. This policy was just as effective here as they were at Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, and pretty much everywhere else there’s been a mass shooting in the US. Ebert also mentions a guy he knows in Chicago who was carrying a pistol, and showed it off to Ebert and a mutual friend in a bar. That can’t be; guns are all but banned in Chicago, and carrying them is right out. Ebert even brings up the recent shooting in Toronto. Canada has stricter gun controls than the US (and has a de facto ban on carry), and yet those stricter laws didn’t stop that shooting.

For that matter, Australia has even tougher gun controls, and yet the violent crime rate there is greater than in the US. In fact, the gun crime rate increased after gun control measures were implemented.

Eliot Spitzer, the erstwhile governor of New York, who resigned in disgrace amid a prostitution scandal (he’d spent ~$80,000 on call girls while he was NY’s Attorney General and governor), felt the need to chime in, too. Apparently, the shooting was “inevitable,” and we shouldn’t be shocked given our lax gun laws. He hits all the Brady and CSGV talking points: we should ban “military-style assault weapons” and “assault clips holding more than 10 rounds,” and we should require microstamping. Unlike the federal Assault Weapons Ban of ’94, New York’s AWB had no sunset provision; standard capacity magazines and weapons that have more than one “scary” cosmetic feature are still banned there (unless you had them prior to the ban, in which case they’re just fine). Microstamping is infeasible; the cost alone is prohibitive, and it could be defeated by simply swapping the firing pin out. Even setting that aside, microstamping would have affected the shooting in Aurora not at all. The shooter was the only one armed, and he just waited for the police to show up. There’s no question what guns the casings in the theater came from. Spitzer wants “meaningful gun control,” like what other nations have put in place. Too bad the gun control those other nations have doesn’t actually make anyone safer (see above!).

Amy Sullivan joins Bloomberg in demanding an “honest debate about guns.” Of course, Bloomberg has made his disdain for the Constitution clear in the past (what with his very own anti-gun organization (MAIG), and his blatant, repeated, and institutionalized violations of the Fourth Amendment (stop-and-frisk)). Sullivan immediately starts blasting the NRA for opposing the UN Small Arms Treaty, since it wouldn’t supersede the Constitution, and would only apply internationally. Well, if that’s the case, why would she use the Aurora tragedy to advocate for this treaty? After all, if it’s only international and wouldn’t supersede the Constitution, bringing it up seems like a complete non sequitur. She doesn’t bring up any domestic gun control ideas at all (she feigns horror that Congress has done nothing in the two years since one of their own was shot in a similar mass shooting in Arizona); all she talks about for the entire last half of her piece is the UN Small Arms Treaty.

Even the New York Post gets in on the blood-dancing game. They do admit that this shooting is no reason to get rid of the Second Amendment, but they also say, “there is no legitimate reason for gun-sellers to be peddling militarized accessories, like high-capacity ammunition magazines, speed loaders and such.” I know it might be hard to believe, but aside from New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Maryland, and Connecticut (I think that’s all of them), “high-capacity” magazines are perfectly legal. In fact, they’re not high-capacity at all; 20- and 30-round magazines are standard for the AR-15. As I understand it, Holmes did have a 100-round drum magazine (which don’t come cheap). For that matter, 15+ round magazines are standard for pistols (my P226 holds 18 rounds of 9mm in each magazine); I think the .40 S&W Glock models Holmes used both come standard with 15-round magazines as well. In fact, the large magazine the shooter used here backfired; it jammed (something similar happend during Loughner’s shooting; his 30-round magazines for his pistol were more unwieldy than standard magazines, and his fumbling them provided an opportunity for people to attack him (IIRC, anyway)). If Holmes had used standard 30-round AR-15 magazines, I doubt he would have had the problems he did with his 100-round drum magazine.

The New York Daily News puts the blood on the hands of Obama, Romney, and the NRA (and not, you know, on the actual shooter). The editorial board demands gun registration (how gun registration would have stopped Holmes, I have no idea; the worst thing on his record before this was a traffic ticket, I think). They talk about how street-crime shootings dwarf the big massacres (in terms of body count), and if only we had laws limiting access to guns, this would magically stop. They are shocked that Holmes was able to drive around with his guns (how else are you going to get to a gun range, or get home from the store where you bought your guns?). And, of course, they clamor for a reinstatement of the AWB at the very least. They even bring up the Columbine massacre. Of course, they don’t point out that Columbine happened in 1999, right smack-dab in the middle of the ’94 AWB. If an AWB were going to stop mass shootings, wouldn’t it have stopped that one?

Actor/comedian Jason Alexander went on a long rant about the Second Amendment and gun control, and how rifles like the AR-15 shouldn’t be in civilian hands. He quotes Alexander Hamilton and Merriam-Webster on militias. He doesn’t, however, quote George Mason, who said, “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few public officials.”  Alexander rants for a while, and trots out various canards, finally closing with this statement: “I’ll say it plainly – if someone wants these weapons, they intend to use them. And if they are willing to force others to “pry it from my cold, dead hand”, then they are probably planning on using them on people.” Now, the AR-15 is probably the most popular rifle in the US today; people use them for hunting, for target shooting, for home defense, for varmint control, and for shooting competitions. They buy AR-15s because they look cool, because they’re easy to use, because they’re modular, because politicians don’t want them to have them, and because it’s virtually identical to the rifles they used in the service. These rifles are rarely used in crimes (if you’re going to commit a crime, are you going to lug around a rifle, or are you going to stick a pistol in your waistband?).

Not all of the media coverage has been negative; CNBC points out that the forces agitating for gun control are now mostly impotent.

The shooting in Aurora was a tragedy. It was not, however, the nefarious work of the gun lobby, or the NRA, or politicians. It was the work of one man, who, in the words of Alfred, just wanted to watch the world burn.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

The anti-gunners, though, are just using this to try to drum up political support and donations so they can push their misguided views on the rest of us.


Holster bleg

by wfgodbold

Comp-Tac is running a one-day-only sale on Independence Day.

I’ve been thinking about getting a paddle holster for some time now (my current holster is an IWB Minotaur Spartan, and I use an IWB magazine carrier as well), and 20% off is hard to pass up. It’s worked just fine for my P226, but I’m looking for a holster that’s easier to put on and take off; I’m starting law school in the fall, and campus carry is verboten in my state.

That said, does anyone have any comments on the concealability, retention, and comfort of their paddle holster?

Is it worth springing for one of the competition kits (that come with either a mag carrier, or a mag carrier and reinforced belt)?

Would you recommend a different brand of paddle holster?

Should I scrap this plan and get a pocket 9 mm and holster and go with pocket carry, instead?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-roll pop?


Fear the deodand and its awesome totemic powers!

by wfgodbold

Twenty-round "assault clips" of doom!

Or, you know, don’t.

The Brady Campaign’s so-called “assault clips” (Yes. Really. Thirty-seven years of trying to ban guns and they still can’t get the terminology right. (H/T Sebastian)) are common; aside from a handful of states that have their own state-level assault weapons bans on the books (NY, MD, CA, and a few others, I think; most states don’t), you can buy magazines (clips are something completely different!) of any capacity you desire.

Anti-gunners have never been inclined to let the facts get in the way of their cause; even the UN’s data correlating civilian gun ownership with various indices (freedom, suicide, homicide, corruption, and economics) doesn’t jive with their gun control goals.

But who cares about that! There’s blood in the streets, and it’s not going to dance in itself!

An Evil Black Rifle and 30-round "assault clips;" run for the hills!

In addition to the twenty-round magazines above, I also own several thirty-round magazines (at left).

And yet somehow I have managed to resist the mind-control rays emitted by these plastic boxes and metal springs; my “clips” have “assaulted” no one.

I mean, I guess you could really do some damage if you took a full thirty-rounder and beat someone with it; even then, the villain wouldn’t be the magazine. I’ve never shot anyone; I’ve never even pointed one of my guns at anyone (and I hope never to have to).

Hell, I’ve never even been in a fight!

Now, you might say, “But Jared Loughner used thirty-round magazines assault clips in his pistol! That’s completely different!”


Handguns and rifles are completely different. If someone were so inclined, he could wreak far more havoc with a rifle; they have longer range, and are more powerful than handguns by a significant margin. Of course, rifles are almost impossible to conceal; that’s why Loughner and Cho and the more recent mass shooters have chosen to use them. After all, if you’re going to illegally carry a gun into a victim-disarmament zone, someone might notice that rifle you’ve got slung over your shoulder.

Oh noes! Eighteen-round "assault clips!" They're everywhere!

Don’t worry, though; I have assault clips for my pistol, as well! Sure, they’re not thirty-round magazines like I have for my rifle, or like the extended magazine Loughner used in his Glock, but eighteen-rounds is still nearly twice the arbitrary ten-round limit the anti-gunners have set their sights on.

Banning “assault clips” won’t prevent nutjobs from snapping and going on a rampage; the Rio shooter used a pair of six-shot revolvers and killed twice as many people as Loughner did with his evil assault clips.

The right of self-defense can’t be abrogated by act of congress, or executive order, or even by popular vote.

Amending the Constitution to remove the second amendment wouldn’t abolish the right to bear arms or the right to self-defense, either.

Guns are the most effective method for defending oneself yet invented; like Weerd Beard says, “they’re the greatest force multiplier you can get.”

Firearms allows smaller, weaker people to defend themselves against larger, stronger criminals.

Like the saying goes:

“God created man, but Sam Colt made them equal.”


The new grips work just fine, but…

by wfgodbold

For some reason the P226’s slide is not locking back on empty magazines now. I’ll take it apart and look at it later, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to figure anything out; I’m kind of an amateur at this.

On the plus side, the E2 grip replacement worked fine. I shot a box of ammo through the .22 upper, and a box through the 9 mm upper without any problems (slide issues excepted). It was nice to see that the range had recently laid down gravel over the dirt road, so mud wasn’t a problem.

Aside from the cold and the wind and my decided lack of high-speed/low-dragness, it was a great way to turn $25 into noise.

Any suggestions as to what’s causing the slide-lockback issues, and how best to fix it, are welcome.

UPDATE: Thanks to the fine folks at arfcom, I think the problem is that my thumb was riding the slide stop; when I racked the slide on an empty magazine (and made sure my thumb wasn’t on the stop), it locked back just fine.

UPDATE II – The Revengening: I got the grip flush with the frame; all I had to do was smack it a couple times on either side with a rubber mallet, and it snapped right into place. Violence really is the answer!


And now a message from the DIY school of gunsmithing

by wfgodbold

GT Distributors was way off; my E2 replacement grips were delivered today (after a missed attempt yesterday).

After much prying and fiddling, I succeeded (mostly) in taking my Sig P226 from this:



to this:



I say I “mostly” succeeded because there are a couple things I’m not sure about; with the new grip on, there are narrow gaps at the top of the grip where it should meet the frame (I think, anyway; they might be there on purpose. None of the pictures I’ve seen of P226s with E2 grips are at the angle to tell). Getting the new hammer strut installed was tricky at first, but I prevailed.

gap between grip and frame visible at top left

gap between grip and frame visible at top rt.

If anyone knows if that’s supposed to be there, please, let me know. I also didn’t replace the decocking lever with the one included in the grip kit; I’m not sure if the new one is thinner or not, but the old one would actually decock the hammer, and the new one wouldn’t, so not installing it seemed like the better option.

As far as the grip itself goes, it feels great. I’ll try it out over the weekend or early next week, but I can tell that it fits my tiny hands better with the E2 grip than with the standard grip.

original grip

E2 grip

Remember to clear your guns before working on them, kids. And always follow the four rules (those pictures above of the gap might look like I’m being an idiot, but the slide isn’t on the gun; it’s just the frame).


A new grip is on order!

by wfgodbold

From GT Distributors; I’ll post more information once it arrives (in 2-6 weeks; stupid backorders!) and I get it installed.

The E2 P226 grip kit!

This should help the pistol fit my freakishly small hands a bit better (from what I’ve read, anyway), and it’s suposed to be pretty easy to install. It’s also cheaper and less hassle than sending the P226 back to Sig Sauer to get it worked on.

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I’m still waiting for global warming to kick in

by wfgodbold

Cause it’s still too cold here to spend hours at a time at the range.

I didn’t let that stop me from a quick trip out to the gun club last week, where I ran a couple boxes of ammo through the P226.

For not having done any shooting in a month or more, I did well enough (for certain values of well).  I’m still not going to win any marksmanship contests, but I can put a magazine into a 5″ square at ten yards.

Like I said; not great, but adequate.

I’m about halfway through John Steakley’s Armor.  It’s interesting so far, but at this point I like Felix more than Jack Crow.

I saw The Mechanic over the weekend.  It had some decent action scenes, but the plot wasn’t very interesting, and it was a bit nihilistic.  If you’ve seen Jason Statham get betrayed by his employers and then avenge himself on them in one movie, you’ve seen pretty much every movie he’s done.


If at first you don’t succeed, do the same thing again, only with feeling!

by wfgodbold

Carolyn McCarthy (oh, I hope her district is removed when NY loses their seats) has finally revealed her latest attempt (H/T Uncle, more at Sebastian’s) to regulate so-called “high-capacity” magazines.

Apparently the arbitrary number (beyond which a magazine is too big) is ten; like Tam says, only the 11th victim is important.  Joe Huffman made an excellent short video demonstrating how quickly one can reload; even if Loughner had used three ten round mags instead of one thirty round mag, it would have only taken him an extra three or four seconds (at most) to change magazines.

While laws limiting magazine capacity might pass constitutional muster (though with the sunset of the Clinton AWB, magazines that were “high-capacity” are now just standard capacity, so they might be invalidated because they’re now in common use), I don’t think that a ban is politically feasible.  McCarthy and her gun control pals don’t have the votes, and Boehner isn’t going to waste time on gun control when he can grandstand with Obamacare repeal votes.

That said, most of the magazines I own are standard capacity; for my AR-15, they are all either 20 or 30 round mags, and for my P226, they’re all 18 round magazines (though the .22 LR conversion only has 10 round mags, I could upgrade them to 15 easily enough).  If a standard capacity magazine ban were to pass, I would buy up as many extra magazines as I could afford; just because I think that the law could be found unconstitutional doesn’t mean that I won’t stock up.

This proposed law does differ from the AWB in one major way; during the AWB, you could still buy and sell “high capacity” magazines as long as they were manufactured prior to the ban; I’ve read about magazines going for many times their retail price.  The new bill, on the other hand, would prohibit transfer of standard capacity magazines (I guess they *can* learn after all!).

Anyway, the only real way to enforce bans like these is to go around and go through everyone’s possessions to make sure they aren’t hoarding them (a sure 4th amendment violation).  Even then, there’s no guarantee that all of them would be found (sorry, officer, I lost all my guns and magazines in a tragic boating accident!), or that new magazines wouldn’t be made.  You can make entire guns in a machine shop (easily!), and as long as you don’t do it with the intent to sell them, it’s perfectly legal.  A magazine is just a box with a spring in it (no, officer, these aren’t magazines; they are pez dispensers for entire packages of pez!).  The gun genie is out of the lamp (and he’s been out for a while; the 1911 turns 100 this year, and it’s the progenitor of most (non-revolver) handgun designs even today), and you can’t put him back.

Uncle was right last year, when he said that “need” isn’t a factor at all.  You don’t need a fast car, or a private plane, or a sailboat, or sci-fi books, or video games, or just about anything else, but that doesn’t mean that the government should step in and tell you that you can’t have it.


Test drive complete!

by wfgodbold

And the 9mm slide functions almost flawlessly!

I had a couple of stovepipes with the Tula ammo I was using, but the WWB worked without issue.  In ten magazines worth of shooting (150 rounds, 50 Tula and 100 WWB), I think I had about 4 instances where the slide failed to hold back after the last round.

After reading online, that’s probably caused by either a weak magazine spring or a bunch of crap around the slide release lever.  I’ll clean it and get some new magazines before taking it out again, and that should clear up what’s causing the problems.

The gun shoots better than I do, but I still got ~2/3 of the shots on the 4″ targets at 10 yards (and the misses were only off the target by an inch or two), so that’s more than acceptable for defense.

Shooting 5500 rounds of .22 through the P226 really helped my accuracy, though; I’m far more accurate with the 9 mm that I just got than I am with the .380 I’ve had for 8 months.


Thanks, Sig Sauer!

by wfgodbold

My P226 centerfire exchange kit arrived today, 4-8 weeks ahead of when I expected it!

P226 9mm slide and magazine

I’ll have to order some more magazines, and after getting used to it, a holster and mag carrier from Comp-Tac.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up a box or two of ammo at Walmart, and then head to the range!

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