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If you don’t know what something means, look it up before shooting your mouth off

by wfgodbold

Yesterday, inspired by the inauguration and Roman History, I tweeted:

This morning, I awoke to a response to that tweet in DestroyTwitter that had sadly been deleted before I could get a screenshot on the actual Twitter page:

memento moriNow, I am fully aware that threatening the POTUS is a crime. It is a serious crime, and rightly so.

However, I did not threaten anyone; I suggested that the pomp of the inauguration might be best offset by having a non-politician, regular person follow the president around and remind him that he too, is mortal, and that this shall pass.


The Eagle has landed…

by wfgodbold

And I managed to sit through an entire Channing Tatum movie without wishing I were dead (G.I. Joe, I’m looking at you).

As long as you expect a movie with Channing Tatum in it to be worse than any movie you’ve ever seen, you should be fine. The Eagle was decent; the trailer emphasized the legion scenes more than the rest of them, and the legion was done with in the first half hour or so.

The rest of the movie illustrated exactly how howling and savage the howling savages north of Hadrian’s Wall were (answer: pretty damn savage). There’s no moral relativity here, no noble savage oppressed by the evil Roman conquerors (though they do mention it briefly); for the most part, the Romans are civilization and the Britons are a bunch of barely human barbarians.

Barbarism has degrees, though; Marcus’s (Channing Tatum) slave, Esca (Jamie Bell), was a member of the Brigantes before being forced to fight in the arena. Esca turns out to be a better character than Marcus, mostly due to Marcus’s obsession with clearing his father’s name.

It’s not a terrible film, but I don’t know that I would spend full price for a ticket. Go to a matinee or see it on Netflix and you’ll be better off.

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