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Top Five Sports Teams According to Bill Swerski

by wfgodbold

In the style of Rolling Stone Magazine:

1. Da Bears

2. Da Bulls

3. Da White Sox

4. Da Cubs

5. Da Rangers

Now, back to studying for the bar exam.


I’m such a sucker for inspiring sports movies

by wfgodbold

Rudy, Rocky, the Replacements (that’s an awful lot of R’s); we all love them.

My weakness led me to use my last $2 groupon movie ticket to watch Warrior tonight, and I enjoyed it; my main criticisms are that 1) it was trying too hard to be Rocky for MMA, and 2) thanks to the mouthguards, you can hardly make out the dialogue in the final fight.

I will say that if you like sports movies, and you’re interested in seeing Warrior, you should avoid the trailer (if you can); it’s got some big spoilers in it.

That said, even if you have seen the trailer, the movie is good enough that it doesn’t matter (which isn’t that surprising; the director also helmed Miracle).

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