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You’d think that if you dedicated your life to banning something…

by wfgodbold

You’d at least know something about it, so that you don’t come off sounding like a complete moron.

Not if you’re the Brady Campaign, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, or The Violence Policy Center!

From page 2 of the VPC’s screed linked above (tweeted by CSGV and retweeted by the Brady Bunch)*:

It’s a 50 caliber sniper rifle! Run for your lives!

Now, anyone who knows anything about guns (which, of course, explains the above error), knows that it’s a .50 caliber round. A 50 caliber sniper rifle would have a bore just over four feet in diameter; not the Barrett’s half-inch. Good job on being off by a factor of 100, VPC.

Then we have their claim that this rifle is sold “without meaningful regulation” in the US gun market.

If you want to buy one of Barrett’s rifles, you’ve got to live in a state that hasn’t outlawed them because they’re scary looking (California, I’m looking at you); assuming you do, you have to go to the store, fill out a Form 4473, and undergo an instant background check. The same as you do if you buy any other gun in a store.

And, most importantly, you have to pay for the gun itself. A Barret M82 (which is what the rifle in the photo looks like) will set you back $8,900 (for the cheapest model; the most expensive runs $11,700). And then once you’ve got your ~$10k rifle, you get to buy ammo for it!**

Ammunition in this caliber is a couple dollars. Per round.

Once you’ve bought your expensive new rifle, your paperwork goes into the federally licensed firearm dealer’s book, where it will stay until he goes out of business; at that point, it is turned over to the government.

In no way, shape, or form is the sale of guns “without meaningful regulation.” The VPC, CSGV, and Brady bunch are in it for donations and political power; these days, they’re short on both, and will do whatever they think they have to to keep the money rolling in.

Even if it’s manufacturing controversies like this one.***

*I would link to their tweets, but Twitter has made their interface completely incomprehensible, and I can’t figure out how to isolate single tweets from the web interface.

**Assuming, for some ridiculous reason, that you spent all your money buying the gun and didn’t save any for a press so that you could shoot less ruinously.

***I didn’t bother reading the rest of the pamphlet; I can only imagine that it gets worse. From skimming, it looks like it’s a bunch of PSH about how people want the same firearms that the military uses. Sorry, gun banners; it has ever been thus.


Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – Stan

by wfgodbold

On the news that the Second Amendment Foundation is suing in Virginia so that DC residents might be able to buy guns, he said:

One day we will discover that Alan Gura is a robot sent back from the future to protect the rights of all sentient beings.

The lone (aside from Josh Sugarmann of VPC infamy) licensed firearm dealer in DC has shut down, so now residents have no way to purchase handguns (per federal law, handguns may only be sold to residents of the state in which they are purchased).

So while DC might now allow registration and ownership of handguns, it’s a moot point; the residents have no way to legally obtain them, resulting in a de facto ban.

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Are you now or have you ever been a …

by wfgodbold

Gun owner?

Josh Sugarmann, VPC head, writes on the HuffPo (I feel dirty) that household and individual gun ownership has hit an all-time low. He even has poll responses to back up his assertions!

Which would be impressive, if the NICS data from the FBI didn’t indicate a trend going the other direction.

Linoge has his own poll going; if someone you didn’t know knocked on your door and asked if you owned any guns, would you tell them the truth?

Is it any of their business?

Regarding the VPC’s point: it doesn’t matter if all guns in the US have been destroyed save one; it doesn’t matter if only one gun owner remains; the right to self-defense still exists, and even if gun owners have become the minority, that doesn’t make infringing on basic rights allowable.

The NRA’s Annual Meeting begins tomorrow in Pittsburgh; I won’t be there. Unfortunately, all of my guns were lost in a tragic boating accident.

As was the boat.

And, for that matter, my secret stash of Kinder Eggs.


Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – Caleb

by wfgodbold

In the comments over at Robb’s (with info on the Top Shot season 4 casting call!):

Top Shot is the first firearms related show that doesn’t rely on hardcore gun nuts to provide its primary viewing audience, and that’s not just a good thing, it’s a GREAT thing. When shooting guns is culturally equivalent to eating bugs on a deserted island, we’re winning so hard it’s a wonder the brady campaign even tries at all. [emphasis added]

I can remember when that would have been a point in the Brady Bunch’s favor, but reality TV has changed much!

He’s right, though; Top Shot is pushing shooting further into the mainstream, and that’s got to give the anti-gunners night terrors. All those people, surrounded by guns, having fun, and no one gets killed!

I watched the first season and haven’t tuned in for the second; the shooting was pretty cool, but the reality TV aspects annoyed me. That’s obviously not the case for most people; and good on the History Channel, I say!

May Top Shot continue to get excellent ratings, and long may the gun banners cry into their cheerios!

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