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Drake’s Elegy

by wfgodbold

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is the game that introduced the world to Nathan Drake, adventurer, treasure hunter, weapons expert, and wall climber extraordinaire.

The game follows Nate’s quest to discover (initially) his ancestor Sir Francis Drake’s remains, and then his search for the fabled El Dorado. Along the way, he’ll be betrayed, stranded, captured, and subjected to all kinds of misery.

Fortunately for him, he really is a weapons expert; Nate can carry two different weapons (and a few grenades), and he’ll need the best he can scrounge to defend himself against the horde of unsavory villains arrayed against him.

Just like in any good action movie, he saves the day, gets the girl, and cracks wise; if Naughty Dog was looking to create a modern-day Indiana Jones, they succeeded admirably.


The Volokh Conspiracy is a fount of information

by wfgodbold

And in this case, particularly relevant to me; since I’m starting law school in the fall, knowing what other lawyers and law students wish they had known going in is most helpful.

Here, they tell us what they wish their torts professor had told them in the beginning.

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